Sunday, 2 December 2007

New Drifting Championship Announced !

Putting and end to the rumours at the end of the 07 season, officials have released an press release confirming a new UK feeder series to Eurodrift :British Drift Championship Press Release

Exciting times ahead for the UK's oldest drift series !!

We are very proud to announce our plans for the 2008 season and explain some key changes to our corporate structure that will ensure next year is better than ever.

We felt that we should concentrate on the core part of our company name and from next year the series will be known as the "British drift Championship". This should make people realise that its THE series for up and coming drivers in the UK and the place sponsors and teams will want to be seen competing at as they battle for top honours, this includes chances to progress to full EDC Professional status. The Championship will be fully recognised by the European Drift Championship as a feeder series, more news will be released on some exciting opportunities for our drivers and EDC in the near future.

We have got to our position as the UK's top amateur and pro-am level drift series through the hard work and dedication of our founder Terry Collins and his team, we will still be using alot of the familiar faces. However things progress, next year we aim to run to a higher standard than ever before. With the huge number of drivers we had competing during 2007 it was clear it was time for some new blood to step in and help with the actual running of Drift UK. Terry has been joined by a 5 strong team to help cope with the huge demand such a large and varied championship can bring, This will ensure that 2008 will be the best ever for the UK's amateur and progressive drifters. Terry will continue to provide a service to people interested to learn about drifting via his Drift skool. This will be a separate entity to the championship.

The team will consist of Mark Buckle, Mat Clawley, Paul McCallum, Simon Perry and Keith Hammond

Matt & Mark will be responsible for the day to day running of the events, which they did a very good job during the 2007 season.

The marketing side of the team will include Paul, Simon & Keith who between them have many years experience. They will bring some fresh ideas for exposure and are confident what they will bring to the series for 2008.

I am sure that with Marks experience of this year’s championship and of course his commentating skills we are set to do good things next year. It is also good that we have the help of a spread of driver talent and perspective, so with Marks two seasons of EDC behind him, and Mat who is at the opposite end of the scale, a keen amateur and total car enthusiast, we feel we have a well balanced team to make the events a great success.

We will be working and co-operation with the newly formed Drift Organisation.

A full season calendar and other fantastic news will be released shortly once the last details have been put in place over the next few weeks.

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Monday, 22 October 2007

Eurodrift "British Open Drift Championship 2007"

Spectating the British Open Drift Championship 2007 has been a highlight of my year. having got bored of Ten Of The Best, I didn't attend this year - and that's a first!

I decided to take the plunge and drive up to Teeside and sample some of the Pro-Am action. what can I say? It was a great, fun day, some great cars and a great vibe!

Here's some footage I took, if you like it, why not come along to the next event?

Details on

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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Eurodrift Finals 2007

End of season is already upon us. Before it all finishes, I will be attending the British Open Drift Championship up at Teeside Autodrome. I'll most likely be wearing a Sideways Clothing AE86 shirt, so if you see me come say "Hi!".*

This a Eurodrift event, I would suggest you take a look at their site and forum over at

*There is a chance the person in the shirt may not be me and could simply be a customer. In this scenario, you should simply congratulate them on excellent fashion sense and move on.

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