Thursday, 17 January 2008

Sweeps AE86 Special Edition T-Shirt

Our AE86 shirt has been produced as a Limited Special Edition for British Drifting Driver, Mark "Sweeps" Buckle.

To celebrate the glory of his upcoming Yellow Peril of a AE86 Drift Weapon, the shirt is produced in a vivid yellow scheme.

Sweeps is a character well known in the UK drifting scene, but if you are not familiar with him, or his Hatchi, then pop over to Driftworks and watch his progress.

Mark is also been key to creating, developing and promoting the British Drifting Championship mentioned in previous blog posts.

Although the Sweeps Hatchi is still undergoing race prep, we do hope to see the car run next season. Until then Mark will be at the forefront of BDC promotion and we also hear tell he may be commentating for the European Drift Championships for this 2007 season.

Watch this space for more BDC and EDC news !

The Sweeps AE86 shirt is a short run, and will not be available again, so please contact us to reserve and order your shirt.

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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Why do people keep banging on about the AE86?

Some of you may be asking yourself this question.

It is a bit odd to think that given the cheap available power at hand with cars like the 200SX and older Skylines, that people still favour the old Corolla/Sprinter Trueno/Levin for some reason.

Why? well, check this video and you'll see why! This still remains one of the most sideways and well balanced drifting cars money can buy.

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Saturday, 1 September 2007

AE86 Drifting T-shirt

Well, after all this drifting talk, it's about time I plugged some of my t-shirts.

This is a closeup of one of my designs, this (as many of you will know) is a Toyota AE86. On the other hand, some of you who are new to this may not have heard of it.

I have written an article on the the AE86 over on the Sideways Clothing site.

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