Drifting Technique


These are the main techniques for initiating a drift. There are other ways derived from these above and there are some sodangerous, they are banned from the track and won't be discussed here.

Once the drift is initiated. It's a case of maintaining the power and steering to keep a good angle through the corner, and safely straightening back up ready for the next corner.

Maintaining a drift will take as much, if not more, practice to perfect. But if you can master the skills and learn your car and how to read the track. You too can drift like Tsuchiya!

A Warning

Full on drifting is dangerous and should only be performed on a track. It is illegal if done on Her Majesties roads and for a good reason! If you mess up (and even the Drift Gods do), you could end up killing yourself or an innocent bystander.

So be responsible, and keep it to the track. There are regular drift practice events and even trainin courses. Check out our links pages for some good starting points if you would like to attend one.