Saturday, 1 September 2007

Mitsubishi Galant FTO Coupe

The Galant FTO Coupe is another retro Japanese ride which is screaming out for some drifting action.

I think this is one classy looking beast, and after dropping a more modern engine in, this thing would go like it looks!

The factory engine was a 120PS 1.6 Litre lump, if memory serves, it was called a "Neptune" engine. Spares for these things will be pretty scarce, reinforcing the justification for an engine transplant. I think a light block V8 would suit a car like this, I can just hear it roaring now! I don't think Mitsubishi have every made a V8, so one would probably have to be sourced from another Jap marque, or mayebe even the light and versatile RoverV8 (stop laughing, that's what's in most TVR and Lotus Esprit you know!)

Sadly, these things are really rare. But they do come up for aution every now and again, so I'll be keeping my eyes open!

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At 02 January 2009 08:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mitsubishi do have a nice quad cam DOHC V8, cam out around 2006 i think, maybe earlyer so don't quote me on this. None here in Australia, but the Yanks get them in the raider and the evo pajero etc etc
Ill import one on of these days to stick on my old with a hot build up Galant!


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