Drifting Technique


Also known as the Scandinavian flick. This is a technique used in rally racing. You can perform this technique on a relatively standard car as it does not require uprated engine, clutch or handbrake. It relies more on quickly, and severely, shifting the cars centre of gravity. Can be combined with any of the other techniques.

1. Before you enter the corner, turn the car AWAY from the corner. That is, if the corner bears to the right, you need to steer left! This will move the centre of gravity toward the inside of the corner.

2. The instant the weight of the car has been totally moved over, steer back over into the corner. This should be done swiftly, but not too aggressively.

3. The weight of the car will quickly shift from the inside to the outside. You can increase the force of this shift by dabbing the foot brake.

4. As the back end steps out, come hard on the power.

5. Countersteer once more and you are in drift!